Phantom Song

Publisher: Spells & Spaceships Press

Available in: Ebook and paperback. All other rights available.

ISBN: 978-1-7330797-1-6

Claire Leroux must never let her fans discover what hides behind her mask–a body that’s half-machine and hellbent on vengeance. 

Onstage, Claire’s known as the operatic sensation of Landry City, but offstage, she hunts the man whose violent act made her a cyborg and killed her parents. The people of Landry City might despise cyborgs, but her home is all she has left, and Claire means to protect it. Just when her double life leads her straight to the enemy’s door, an unexpected factor enters the equation: Claire’s long lost love, Isabelle Chagny. 

Even if Iz can accept Claire’s transformation, Claire isn’t willing to risk her ex’s safety. But Iz and her companions are already entangled with Claire’s nemesis, and if she wants to save her home, she’ll need to decide: fight alone in the shadows to save the city that hates her, or form an alliance–and risk the only woman she’s ever loved in the process. 

Inspired by Gaston Leroux’s the Phantom of the Opera, Phantom Song is the second novella in the Toccata System trilogy. 

Available in ebook and paperback!