Alter Ego

Series: League of Independent Operatives, Book 1

Publisher: Spells & Spaceships Press

Available in: Ebook and paperback. All other rights available.

ISBN: 978-1-7330797-3-0

Raised by a secret league of vigilantes, Mary O’Sullivan knows what it means to be a hero. So when a boring stakeout turns deadly, she defies league protocol to rescue a fire-powered bartender who reminds her too much of her pre-vigilante self. But Mary’s reckless actions incur the league’s wrath when she risks their safety by bringing the girl straight to HQ. 

Banished to L.A. to serve time in her heiress secret identity, Mary refuses to let the league sideline her. As she traces her own leads through a web of secrets, Mary dredges up disturbing truths about the league’s past connections to her murdered parents. 

With conspiracies threatening to pick her adoptive family apart, Mary must question everything she’s been raised to believe—and what it really means to be a hero. 

Buy Alter Ego today and uncover the secrets of a twisty, Marvel-style superhero saga—perfect for fans of Umbrella Academy and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Available in ebook and paperback!